How do I order my A.S.Helsingö kitchen?
It is very simple. Begin with ordering your kitchen cabinets from IKEA, if you do not already have an IKEA kitchen. After your IKEA plan is complete, the most convenient way to order Helsingö products is from our online store.

Alternatively, you can send us your IKEA order confirmation along with your choice of Helsingö products, and we will help you order the products you need. If you have any questions or need advice about which products to choose, do not hesitate to contact us. For more information, please visit our How to shop-page.

What about drawer slides and hinges etc.?
All our drawer fronts and kitchen doors fit IKEA’s hinges and drawer slides. You buy these in IKEA as you order your cabinets. A.S.Helsingö provides the doors, sides, handles and plinths as well as taps, sinks and tabletops. We are more than happy to assist you with any guidance regarding your kitchen or wardrobe.

Can I order specially measured doors?
Unfortunately, we do not produce specially measured doors at the moment.

Are you officially affiliated with Ikea?
A.S.Helsingö does not officially collaborate with IKEA. We simply want to provide individual solutions and design at a reasonable price tag, and IKEA’s quality cabinet frames are an excellent choice for this.


What is the delivery time?
The delivery time for our handles is 2 weeks, due to high demand. Our doors are delivered within 5—7 weeks and taps and sinks in approximately 5 business days.

Where do you ship to?
We deliver to all EU countries as well as Norway and Switzerland. Handles can also be delivered to the United States and Canada.

How is VAT paid for orders to Norway and Switzerland?
When ordering to Norway and Switzerland, the local VAT Is excluded. The local VAT and custom service fees are paid separately buy the customer as part of the shipment.

What if I have a complaint about my products?
After the delivery, please check the products. If your products have flaws or they are faulty in any way, please send us an e-mail within 5 days at info@helsingo.com with attached pictures of the package and product. We will arrange for a new product as quickly as possible. However, we will not refund indirect costs, such as third party services related to mounting.

What is the return policy?
We manufacture all our products for your specific order only. Due to the made-to-measure process, Helsingö’s products are not refundable.


Can your products be used for other furniture than kitchens?
Besides kitchens, we offer wardrobes built on top of IKEA PAX wardrobe frames.

We do not provide doors for IKEA BESTÅ frames at the moment. However, you can create sideboards out of METOD cabinet frames and Helsingö products.

Do your doors fit all IKEA cabinets frames?
Our doors fit IKEA’s METOD and FAKTUM kitchen cabinet frames as well as PAX wardrobe cabinet frames.

How do I know which IKEA kitchen I have?
If you are unsure which IKEA kitchen you have, check the inside of the cabinets. FAKTUM cabinets have one row of drilled holes, while METOD cabinets have two rows of holes.

What if my fronts or handles are damaged during transportation?
In the case of your goods getting damaged during transportation, we will arrange a new delivery as fast as possible.

What is A.S.Helsingö quality all about?
At A.S.Helsingö, quality is one of our core values. Being able to produce the goods in Finland using traditional techniques that we are proud of is very important to us. It is our ambition to provide you with the highest quality of materials on the market and combine them with design and functionality. Read more about our quality here.

Do you mount doors?
We do not provide mounting services. The mounting consists of a very simple and easy to use click system that needs no further instructions or know-how. However, we will be very happy to guide you through the “click-mounting” of the doors.

Can I order a specially measured door?
Unfortunately, we do not produce specially measured doors at the moment.

How are your doors painted?
We use a two component varnish and paint in three layers of gloss 30 to get the right look and feel.

How thick are the doors?
They are 19 mm thick for the right feel and longevity.

Do you make doors for built-in appliances?
Yes, we do. The built-in appliances are usually placed inside the cabinets. Therefore, the right door size for built-in appliances is defined by the measurements of the cabinet, not the appliance itself.

Where are your cabinet doors made?
The doors and handles are made to order at a small community in the Finnish countryside using high-quality materials and traditional manufacturing techniques. For several generations, this has been the place to go to for high-quality carpentry in Finland. We aspire to be a part of this tradition.

How do I clean my door surfaces?
Wipe the surfaces gently with a microfiber cloth that is dampened, but not too wet. A neutral cleanser can be added to the water. Droplets on the surfaces should be wiped dry immediately. Do not use abrasive detergents on the surfaces.

Side panels

Why do I need sides?
Sides are not necessary, but they provide a nice-looking finish by covering the side of the cabinet frames.

How do I mount the sides?
Start by aligning the side with the cabinet frame. Then use a screwdriver to attach the side to the frames from the inside so that the screw will not be visible.

In which colours do the sides and plinths come in?
The sides and plinths come in the same colours as the doors.

How thick are the sides?
The sides are the same in thickness as our doors, i.e. 19 mm. The reason for them being so thick is to keep them from bending over time. We strive to keep the surface of the wood flat and straight for years to come.

Can I order specially measured sides?
Yes. Our sides can be ordered either in standard length or using custom measurements. However, the maximum height and width are 250 cm.

What are the exact measurements of custom sides panels that fit IKEA’s top and bottom cabinets?
If you want the sides to be on the same level as the doors, the sides for the upper cabinets should have a width of 39.7 cm and sides for the lower cabinets 62.1 cm. The height of the side panels is dependent on the kitchen plan. If you want the side panel to cover the whole cabinet side all the way to the floor, add the height of the plinth (8.0 cm) to the total height of the side panel.

Spacer panels

For what are the spacer panels for?
The A.S.Helsingö spacer panel is used to create vertical panelling or framing for our doors and drawers.

Where are the panels installed?
In order to create a vertical panelling, the spacer is installed between IKEA METOD or PAX cabinet ranges. If you want to create a frame for your doors and drawers, the spacer panel needs to be installed also to the upper and lower sides of the cabinet frames.

In which colours do the spacer panels come in?
The 19 mm thick A.S.Helsingö spacer panel is available in the same gorgeous colours and options as our other products.

How do I order the spacer panels?
To order our spacer panel, choose the custom sized side panels from our online store. If you are installing a lower cabinet panelling, that reaches all the way to the floor, order a 15 cm wide and 90 cm high panel. In other cases, you can order the spacer panel in 10 cm width and in the length of your desire. Please note, that when designing your A.S.Helsingö kitchen or wardrobe with a decorative panelling, you need to leave 19 mm of space between the IKEA cabinet ranges. Therefore, also the total width of the cabinet combination increases with each spacer panel added.

How do I install the spacer panel?
The A.S.Helsingö spacer panel is often installed 21 mm outside the rim of the cabinet range. In those cases, the spacer is at level with the surface of our drawers and doors. The other popular option is to install the panel 30 mm outside the rim of the cabinet ranges, so that the spacer panelling stands out from the line of drawers and doors adding a personal touch to the cabinet combination.


Do you sell plinths?
Yes, we sell plinths for IKEA METOD and FAKTUM. Our plinths come in the same colours as our doors. The plinths are installed at the feet of the cabinet frames with IKEA fasteners.

Why do I need a plinth?
A plinth is recommended, because it covers the gap between the floor and the base cabinets and therefore completes the look of your kitchen.


Are fronts pre-drilled for handles?
No, they are not pre-drilled. This way you can attach any of our handles to your doors. The handles' shape and size determine where they will look best on the door. To know where your particular handle is best placed, see our recommendation that comes with the assembly instructions. If you want to drill a hole for the handle yourself, place a piece of wood on the backside of the door as you drill. This way the drill has something to drill into when it passes through the wood, and wood tear-out is minimized.


Why IKEA METOD cabinets?
Quality, design and functionality are our key values. We use IKEA cabinets to provide you with timeless design in the best quality and at the best price. Please visit the "On IKEA Cabinets" page for more.

What is the colour of IKEA METOD cabinet frames?
The METOD cabinet frames are available in two colours: black and white wood effect.

How do I know which IKEA kitchen I have?
As of 2013, IKEA started replacing their only kitchen cabinet FAKTUM with METOD. Regardless which kitchen you have, our doors fit. If you are unsure which kitchen you have, please look up it up here.

Can I make sideboards from IKEA METOD cabinets?
Yes, you can use the wall cabinets and shallow (37 cm deep) high cabinets to build A.S.Helsingö sideboards or cabinets with drawers.

What is IKEA’s FAKTUM range?
FAKTUM is IKEA's kitchen cabinet range that has been replaced by METOD around the world from 2013 to 2015. According to IKEA, the FAKTUM cabinets will be available for a while after the switch to METOD cabinets. For further information, please contact IKEA in your country.

What are IKEA PAX cabinets frames used for?
The PAX cabinet frames can be used to build A.S.Helsingö wardrobes. They are available in two widths (50 and 100 cm) and two heights (201 and 236 cm). The 236 cm high cabinets are available in two depths: 58 and 35 cm. The 201 cm high cabinets are 58 cm deep. The cabinets can be connected side by side to build a wider wardrobe wall.

What are the colours of the PAX cabinet frames?
The PAX cabinet frames are available in five shades: white, oak effect, white stained oak effect, black-brown and birch effect.


Do you sell tabletops for my Helsingö kitchen?
Yes, we sell tabletops produced by our partner. At the moment, the purchase cannot be done in our online store. If you are interested, please send us the measurements of your desired tabletop and we’ll get back to you with an offer. Do not hesitate to contact us!

Can you measure and install up my tabletop?
Our tabletop partner takes care of the measuring and installing. Measuring and mounting are always included in the price.

Mounting and Safety

Should IKEA cabinets be attached to the wall?
It is very important to always attach your cabinets to the wall. As you buy a cabinet from IKEA, you will get instructions on how to attach the cabinet in a safe way. Read the instruction sheet carefully and do exactly what it tells you to do! A cabinet should feel stable when its fronts or doors are closed, but when they are open, the weight is distributed very differently. If you have any doubts or questions about safety, please do not hesitate to contact us at info@helsingo.com or give us a call at +358 20 718 1510.

Is it difficult to mount A.S.Helsingö products to IKEA cabinets?
Fitting our products on the IKEA cabinet frames is as simple as the fitting of IKEA’s own products, sometimes even simpler. See each product category for more information.

How do I install the IKEA hinges?
No hinges are included with Helsingö doors, so they should be bought from IKEA. High quality hinges with integrated dampers for METOD or PAX cabinets is what we recommend. Their simple clip and expansion function makes them easy to attach without tools. The hinge mounting plates can be screwed to your IKEA cabinets with a standard Pozidriv screwdriver.