How do I begin ordering my A.S.Helsingö kitchen?
It is very simple. Begin with ordering your kitchen cabinets from IKEA - that is, if you do not already have an IKEA kitchen. After finalizing the IKEA plan, the most convenient way to order Helsingö products is through our online store. Alternatively, send us your IKEA order confirmation along with your choice of Helsingö products. We will then help you order the products needed. Your Helsingö products will arrive within 4-6 weeks from order confimation. In case you have any doubts or need advice concerning the Helsingö products for your kitchen, do not hesitate to contact us. For more information, please also visit our "How to Shop" page.

What about drawer slides and hinges etc.?
All our drawer fronts and kitchen doors fit IKEA’s hinges and drawer slides. These you buy at IKEA when you order your cabinets. A.S.Helsingö provides the doors, sides and plinths, but we are more than happy to assist you with any guidance regarding your kitchen or wardrobe.

Can I order a specially measured doors?
For the time being, we do not unfortunately produce specially measured doors.


What is the delivery time?
We deliver to the doorstep within 4-6 weeks from the ordering date.

What if my products are damaged during transportation?
In case your goods get damaged during transportation, we will arrange a new delivery that lives up to your expectations as fast as we can.

What is the return policy?
We make all our products for your specific order only. Due to the made-to-measure process, Helsingö goods are nonrefundable.


Can your products be used for other furniture than kitchens?
Aside from the kitchen, we set you up with customized doors for your PAX wardrobe frames. However, we do not provide doors for BESTÅ sideboards at the moment. You can, however, create sideboards out of METOD cabinet frames and Helsingö products.

Do your doors fit all IKEA cabinet frames?
As of now, our fronts fit IKEA’s METOD, FAKTUM and PAX cabinets.

What if my fronts or handles are damaged during transportation?
In case your goods get damaged during transportation, we will arrange a new delivery that lives up to your expectations as fast as we can.

What is A.S.Helsingö quality all about?
Quality is one of our core values at A.S.Helsingö. It is very important for us to be able to produce in Finland using traditional techniques that we are proud of. Our ambition is to provide you with the highest quality of material there is on the market and combine it with design and functionality. All fronts are made of 19 mm MDF and spray painted for the best-looking result and lasting quality.

Do you mount doors?
We do not provide any mounting services. Anyhow, the mounting consists of a very simple and easy to adopt clicking system that needs no further instruction or know-how. We will however be happy to assist you with guidance on how to make the simple “click-mounting” of the fronts.

Can I order a specially measured door?
For the time being, we do not unfortunately produce specially measured doors.

How are your doors painted?
We use a two-component varnish and paint in three layers of gloss 30 to get the right feel.

How thick are the fronts?
They are 19 mm.


Why do I need sides?
You don’t need sides, but they provide a nice finish covering the side of the cabinet frames.

What colours do your sides come in?
The sides come in all the same colours as our doors.

How thick are your sides?
Our sides are as thick as our doors, i.e. 19 mm. The reason for them being so thick is to keep them from sagging after a while. We strive to keep the surface even and straight for years to come.

Can I order specially measured sides?
Yes. Our sides can be ordered in standard length or with custom measurements. However, the maximum height and width are 250 cm.


Do you sell plinths?
Yes, we sell plinths for IKEA METOD and FAKTUM. Our comprehensive range of plinths comes in all the same colours as our doors. Our plinths come with fasteners which are installed on the feet of the cabinet frames.

Why do I need a plinth?
We recommend you to complete the look of your kitchen, from top to bottom, by adding a plinth to cover the gap between the floor and the base cabinets.


Are fronts pre-drilled for handles?
No, they are not. So that you are able to attach any of our handles to your fronts, all fronts come without pre-drilled holes. The handles' shape and size determine where on the front they will look best. To help you know where your particular handle is best placed, we include a recommendation with the assembly instructions. In case you drill the hole for the handle yourself, place a piece of wood on the back of your front when you drill the hole for your handle. That way, the drill has something to drill into when it passes through the front and you thereby avoid the “rough bits" that otherwise can form on the back side of the front.


Why IKEA cabinets?
Quality, design and functionality are our key values here at A.S.Helsingö. We use IKEA cabinets to provide you with timeless design in the best quality at the best price. If you want to learn more about this, please visit our “On IKEA Cabinets” page.

What is the colour of IKEA METOD cabinet frames?
The METOD cabinet frames are available in two colours: white and black wood effect.

How do I know which IKEA kitchen I have?
As of 2013, IKEA started replacing their only kitchen cabinet FAKTUM with METOD. Regardless of which kitchen you have, our doors fit. If you are unsure which kitchen you have, check it by looking inside the cabinets. FAKTUM cabinets have one row of drilling holes in the front edge, while METOD cabinets have drilling holes in two rows.

Can I make sideboards from IKEA METOD cabinets?
Yes, you can use the wall cabinets and shallow (37 cm deep) high cabinets to build A.S.Helsingö sideboards or cabinets with drawers.

What is IKEA’s FAKTUM range?
FAKTUM is IKEA's kitchen cabinet range that has been replaced by METOD around the world in 2013-2015. Still, according to IKEA their FAKTUM cabinets will be available for a period of time after the switch to METOD cabinets. For further information, contact IKEA in your country.

What are IKEA PAX cabinet frames used for?
The PAX cabinet frames can be used to build A.S.Helsingö wardrobes. They are available in two widths (50 and 100 cm) and two heights (201 and 236 cm). The 236 cm high cabinets are available in two depths: 58 and 35 cm. The 201 cm high cabinets are 58 cm deep. The cabinets can be connected side by side to a wider wardrobe wall. The PAX cabinet frames are available in five “colours”: white, oak effect, white stained oak effect, black-brown, and birch effect.


Do you sell tabletops for my Helsingö kitchen?
Yes, we do sell tabletops produced by our tabletop partner. For the time being, the purchase cannot however be done in our online store. If you’re interested, please send us the measurements of your desired tabletop and we’ll get back to you with an offer. Do not hesitate to contact us.

Can you measure and install my tabletop?
Our tabletop partner takes care of measuring and installing of the tabletop. Both measuring and mounting is included in the price.

Mounting and Safety

Should IKEA cabinets be attached to the wall?
It is very important that you always attach your cabinet to the wall. When you buy a cabinet from IKEA, instructions about how to attach the cabinet in a safe way against the wall will accompany. Read these instructions carefully and do exactly what they tell you to do! A cabinet should feel stable when its fronts/doors are closed, but when the fronts/doors are open the weight allocation is completely different. If you have any doubts at all about safety, please don’t hesitate to contact us at info@helsingo.com or give us a call at +358 20 718 1510.

Is it difficult to mount A.S.Helsingö products to IKEA cabinets?
Fitting A.S.Helsingö products on IKEA cabinet frames is as simple as fitting IKEA’s own and sometimes even simpler.

How to install the IKEA hinges?
No hinges are included with Helsingö doors but should be bought from IKEA. High-quality hinges with integrated dampening for IKEA’s METOD or PAX cabinets is our recommended choice. A simple clip and expansion function makes them easy to attach without tools. The hinge mounting plates can be screwed onto your IKEA cabinet with a standard Pozidrive screwdriver.