1. Measure and Design


Watch IKEA’s video on measuring and download a kitchen planning guide, kitchen cabinet purchase guide or wardrobe purchase guide here. The guides highlight the important things to keep in mind while taking measurements.

If you want, measuring experts can take care of the measurements on your behalf. More information can be found at the IKEA website. You can find more information on the measuring service in Finland here.


To have an A.S.Helsingö kitchen or wardrobe you will need both our doors as well as IKEA METOD, FAKTUM or PAX cabinet frames. The planning process can be executed whichever way suits you and your schedules the best:


Personal kitchen planning meeting at an IKEA store
By booking a time to the kitchen planning service, you will get personal service at a calm environment, when it suits you the best. In Finland, the price for IKEA FAMILY members is 49 euro. For planning services in other countries, please check your local IKEA website. For wardrobes, a similar service is not available.


Remote planning meeting via phone
By booking a time to a remote planning service you will get personal assistance. In Finland, the price for IKEA FAMILY members is 49 euro. For remote meetings in other countries, please check your local IKEA website. For wardrobes, a similar service is not available.


At an IKEA store with the help of experts
The kitchen experts are always there to help you at the kitchen department, and at the bedroom department you can find the wardrobe specialists – always without an appointment and free of charge.


IKEA self-planning programme
You can design your kitchen and wardrobes with the help of IKEA self-planning programme conveniently directly from your computer. In case you doubt your choices or you want to go through your plan together with an expert, you can access your plan from your account at an IKEA store and easily get an expert’s opinion.

2. Order IKEA cabinet frames

To order an A.S.Helsingö kitchen or wardrobe you will need a ready-made plan designed with IKEA planning programme . Remember to remove IKEA doors and cover panels before submitting your order. The actual ordering of cabinets can be done in several different ways.


Order at IKEA store
If you made a design plan at an IKEA store, IKEA crew will help you to find it. If you used remote planning or self-planning programme, your plan can be found with your plan number or contact details.


Order via email
Send your order to IKEA by e-mail (address in Finland: nettikauppa@ikea.com). Include your contact details and the plan number you received when you used the IKEA planning programme in your message.


Order via IKEA customer service
Leave your order to IKEA customer service; this allows you to check your plan together with an expert.

You can order also the worktop, sink, tap and plinth from us, and household appliances from any supplier you want. If you choose IKEA products, you can easily add them to your order. When ordering a set of cabinets, don’t forget to order IKEA hinges or drawer runners.

Additional Services


Order a home delivery
You can order home delivery at store, online or via customer service. The price in Finland starts from 49 euro. For home delivery service in other countries, please check your local IKEA website.


Order an installation service
If you don’t have any previous experience from putting together and installing kitchen cabinets or wardrobes, we recommend you order an installation service. In Finland, IKEA has several installation service providers available.


In that case you can just replace IKEA doors, cover panels and handles with A.S.Helsingö products.

3. Order A.S.Helsingö products

We provide doors, handles, cover panels, plinths, taps, sinks and worktops. To make ordering A.S.Helsingö products as easy as possible, we recommend that you will make a list of the required doors and cover panels when designing or ordering your kitchen from an IKEA store. This list will help you to count the number and measurements of the doors and cover panels, and all you need to decide is on which side you want to place the handle.

Search the doors, cover panels and handles from our online store and choose in which colours you want to order them. You can also order our colour sample box here.

In case you don’t feel comfortable ordering from an online store, you can create a list of doors, cover panels and handles you wish to order and send it to us directly at info@helsingo.com. Note that you need to create a Helsingö account first. We will then choose the products directly from your list and place them to the shopping basket. You can check the content of the basket before submitting a final order. The list you send us by e-mail should include 1) IKEA frame model, 2) door model, 3) colour, 4) measurements and 5) handedness.

We recommend that you order A.S.Helsingö doors, cover panels and handles only after you have ordered IKEA cabinet frames .

4. Delivery and Mounting

Delivery and installation of IKEA furniture is ordered in .


In the same delivery with the ordered IKEA furniture arrive household appliances, sinks and taps, in case you have ordered them.

The A.S.Helsingö products you have ordered are carefully packed and carried to your home. Our delivery partners will contact you in good time to agree on a specific delivery date and time.


Mounting the A.S.Helsingö kitchen cabinet and wardrobe doors and cover panels is easy. Once you have installed the hinges, you can click the doors and panels to their place. Installing the products is easy and doesn’t require any special skills.

In case you have ordered an installation service, the reliable and flexible partners of IKEA and A.S.Helsingö can also take care of the installation of products ordered from A.S.Helsingö. Remember to agree on this directly with the installation crew.