1. Measure and Plan


The first step in planning a kitchen is to measure the room. This should be done carefully, as the measurements form the basis for your plans. If you would like to get help with measuring, contact your local IKEA store to receive more information on their kitchen measurement services.

Create an IKEA plan

Once you have measured your kitchen, you can start planning your kitchen. As our kitchens are built on top of IKEA’s cabinet frames, you will first need to do the technical planning of your kitchen at IKEA. There are two ways to create the IKEA plan:

1. With IKEA's kitchen planners
We recommend planning your kitchen together with IKEA’s kitchen specialists who will help you create a practical and well-functioning layout based on your needs. You can either visit their kitchen department without an appointment and free of charge or book an individual appointment for more personal service.

2. Plan it yourself
You can also plan your kitchen on your own, using IKEA’s home planning tool. However, we strongly recommend that you let IKEA’s kitchen planners help you to ensure every detail is just right.

Kitchen appliances and worktop lighting

We recommend using IKEA’s kitchen appliances and worktop lighting in your kitchen. If you are interested in other brands, contact the supplier to find out whether their integrated products fit with IKEA METOD cabinet frames.

2. Order the IKEA products

Once you have finalized your kitchen plan, you can place your order either at your local IKEA store or at their online shop. Take these things into consideration before ordering:

1. Ordering the IKEA products
Ask a quote from IKEA’s kitchen planner that includes all the IKEA products you need but excludes those items that you will later purchase from A.S.Helsingö (i.e., doors, cover panels, plinths, handles, taps, sinks, and worktops).

2. Ordering an A.S.Helsingö kitchen
To buy an A.S.Helsingö kitchen, you will need an IKEA plan that includes all the kitchen components. This way, our product specialists can easily see the sizes of doors and cover panels you will need from A.S.Helsingö.


If you already have an IKEA kitchen, you can save the cabinet frames and replace IKEA’s doors, cover panels, plinths, handles, taps, sinks, and worktops with our products. Our kitchen products are designed to fit both IKEA METOD and FAKTUM cabinet frames.

3. Order the A.S.Helsingö products

We recommend ordering the A.S.Helsingö products only after you have ordered all the necessary IKEA products. There are two ways to create your dream kitchen:

1. Use our planning service

If you would like to get help with selecting the right products or get a second opinion on your design choices before purchasing, help is only a few clicks away. Our specialists are happy to assist you and bring your vision to life. Send us the final version of your IKEA plan using our planning and ordering service and tell us about your plans and questions in a few lines.

2. Create your shopping cart on your own

If you know precisely what you need, the quickest way is to place the order yourself at our online shop. Based on your IKEA plan, find out how many doors, drawer fronts, plinths, and cover panels you need and in what size. Then complete your order by adding the sinks, taps, and handles you prefer.

Please kindly note that all our products are made-to-order. Therefore, after you have paid for the products, you cannot make changes to your order. For this reason, please check your shopping cart carefully before purchasing it. If you feel unsure, please contact us through our planning and ordering service. Our specialists are happy to review your shopping cart to make sure that it matches your IKEA plan.


If you are unsure of which colors to choose, you can order our colour samples. from our online store. Test and play with the different options at home to find a favorite that fits both your style and home perfectly.


You can quickly find out how much your new A.S.Helsingö kitchen will cost using our kitchen price calculator. Simply upload your IKEA plan to get an instant estimate. You can also take a look at our price examples to get a rough idea of our pricing.

4. Delivery and Mounting


The delivery time for our kitchen products is 5–7 weeks from the order date. You will hear from us again once your products are ready to be shipped. Our distributor will contact you within 1–2 weeks to agree on the delivery date and time with you.


If you would like to get help with installing your kitchen, you can order the installation at the same time you order the IKEA products. The choice of craftsmen can have a significant impact on how the kitchen will look. Therefore, we recommend using a professional that has previous experience in installing IKEA kitchens. Please consider our delivery time when ordering the installation.