Our Designers

It all starts with our designers. They face the challenge of making your home feel like a perpetual Sunday. It’s not an easy task, but fortunately for you, we have the best designers out there.

Our designers create durable and beautiful interiors, making everyone feel comfortable in their own homes. Each product displays the designers’ unique background and vision of how Helsingö’s mission should be executed.



Ilona Palmunen

Creative Director

Architect and interior designer Ilona Palmunen applies her vision to all areas of design. Inspired by trends, visual contrast and timeless aesthetics, Ilona believes that the different fields of art have no limits.

Prior to establishing a self-named architecture office and becoming the creative director of A.S.Helsingö, Ilona worked in several award-winning Finnish architecture offices.

“My design principle is to make everyday life better – both its functionality and feel.”



Schauman & Nordgren Architects

Ted Schauman and Jonas Nordgren

Based in Copenhagen and Helsinki, this architecture and design studio executes an ambitious vision through meticulous attention to detail.

Their work has been exhibited internationally and published in various journals, including Casa da Habitare, Wallpaper, Blueprint and the book Nordic Designers. In 2005 Nordgren was elected by Wallpaper as one of the world's 10 most wanted designers.

“We see human presence and life as the fuel in our designs and believe that people facilitate and secure the success of the projects and make them last over time.”