Quality is at the core of everything we do

Locally Manufactured

The doors and handles are made to order at a small community in the Finnish countryside using high-quality materials and traditional manufacturing techniques. For several generations, this has been the place to go to for high-quality carpentry in Finland. We aspire to be a part of this tradition.



All the veneer in our fronts is genuine wood veneer from the finest stock. It is carefully reviewed and checked to ensure visually pleasing surfaces. All the veneer in our furnishing solutions is glued edge to edge in what are known as butt joints. The method requires accuracy as well as good nerves and handicraft, but thanks to it, the result is immaculate and of very high quality.



All our fronts are made of 19 mm MDF and spray painted four times for the best-looking result and lasting quality. Several coats of high quality paint applied to an MDF base enhance durability considerably despite its complexity and cost.

A popular solution amongst kitchen producers is to wrap the MDF base with a thin layer of plastic (vinyl/PVC) or foil (paper mixed with resin). These are often characterised by a bobbly, orange peel like finish and are also susceptible to de-laminating. De-laminating is where the surface of the door peels away from the base. It usually starts with bubbling along the edges of the doors.


Quality Materials

If it feels like oak, it’s because it is oak. If it looks like brass, it is brass. Our products come in classic materials such as brass, copper, chrome and oak. To use materials in a beautiful and sophisticated manner, one must understand their properties, possibilities, and restrictions.

We have purposely left our brass and copper handles untreated in order for them to develop a beautiful patina and age with dignity. Our material choices and implementations are always honest and evident in the finished product.