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What do I need to buy from IKEA?
IKEA FRAME The A.S.Helsingö wardrobes consist of doors and side panels. The wardrobes are built on top of IKEA PAX cabinet frames, which are bought separately from IKEA. Below you can find a shopping list for you of all the IKEA parts required for your wardrobe. Please note that the product list is generated automatically according to the selected product. IKEA PRODUCTS
Measurements & materials
You can find the exact measurements for the wardrobes from below. Please note that the size of the wardrobe varies depending on the frame style. Note! Frames with spacer panels need more space.
Door Handling
For wardrobes with an even number of doors, the handing is equally even. Wardrobes that have uneven number of doors, such as 150 cm and 250 cm wide combinations, have an extra right-handed door.
Finalize and personalize your wardrobes with our beautiful handles. You can attach any of our handles to the doors and place them where you think they look the best, because there are no pre-drilled holes in the fronts. You find our recommendation for the placement in the handle mounting instructions. Our SAMSÖ wardrobes have integrated handles on the doors for a simplistic look.
Delivery times & costs
The delivery time for our wardrobes is 7–8 weeks. The exact cost for your freight will automatically be calculated in the checkout process, when you have added your selection to the shopping cart.
What does the style mean?
By style, we mean frame styles. With wardrobes, you can choose Plain or Spacer panels for the cabinet frames. Plain is simplistic in style with no visible frames, and in Spacer panels you can see the frame between the doors. In Plain frame style, every two doors create one wider space, where you can insert a rod or wide shelves, and behind a single door is an individual cabinet. There is an individual cabinet behind each door in the Spacer Panel frame style, and the frame panels are visible between doors. Tip! You can use frames as a design feature: choose a different colour for the frame style and doors, for example, Natural Oak spacer panels and Natural White door gives a unique look to your wardrobe.

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