1. Personal and Customizable

Our selection has been designed to create unique combinations of tailor-made solutions to both kitchens, and homes in general. By combining different doors and handles, you can create thousands of different kitchen and wardrobe combinations. All colours and models have been carefully selected and analyzed, meaning that whatever choice you make, you can’t go wrong. The only challenge is selecting the most beautiful combination.

With A.S.Helsingö you can also modernize existing kitchens and cabinets. Merely by changing your kitchen doors you create a new atmosphere, without throwing out all your old items. We thus provide real sustainable development, for both the environment and the economy.

2. Unique Design

Intuition and creativity are at the heart of our design process. Add to this careful and detailed work, you can rest assured that A.S.Helsingö provides products of incredibly high quality and style. The colours and shapes of our products have been designed to create different atmospheres, and they are selected based on the ability of our designers to observe the world and cherry pick the best parts to go home with. Additionally, persistent design, testing and perfection of prototypes is required in order to maintain and improve the technical features, durability and functional details of our products.

These elements combine to create the core of all A.S.Helsingö products: quality and beauty, that allow you to make your home feel like a perpetual Sunday.

3. Quality at a Reasonable Price

Quality is the cornerstone of all operations at A.S.Helsingö. Our doors are made to order with traditional methods and high-quality materials in the Finnish Lake District. Our factory is renowned for high-quality woodwork, and has been for several generations. We are continuing this tradition.

Our high-quality and beautiful products are designed to function together with IKEA cabinet frames. This allows you to make an economical decision, without compromising on the personality and style of your home.

A beautiful, welcoming home shouldn’t depend on the thickness of your wallet.