No kitchen is complete without a functional and beautiful worktop. Our curated selection of durable worktops includes 12 different patterns and materials. Stone and quartz make good choices if you are looking for both long lasting functionality and design. In natural stone worktops, the pattern and color can have variations which make each kitchen unique.

Our worktops are delivered to all big cities in Scandinavia. Read more about where we deliver here.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I know before buying a worktop from A.S.Helsingö?
First, you need to finalize your IKEA kitchen plan, because you need that for ordering A.S.Helsingö kitchen. We recommend that you order the worktop together with your A.S.Helsingö kitchen, to make sure you receive your worktop on time. Below, you can find a list of the cities to which we deliver our worktops.

Measuring and mounting are always sold together with the worktops, and we need the exact measurements before the worktop can be ordered from the manufacturer. With sideboards and bathroom fixtures, the worktop is a part of the product already, so no measuring or mounting is necessary.

Both the IKEA kitchen frames and the A.S.Helsingö side panels should be installed before measuring. The stove, sink, tap and all possible power sockets should also be available at the time of measurement. When you know your kitchen installation schedule, you can arrange a suitable time for measuring, together with our partner. The mounting of the worktop will usually take place within 1 to 2 weeks after the measuring session.
Where do you ship worktops for kitchens, and what is the delivery time?
We deliver our worktops to all big cities in the Nordic countries, according to the zone specification below. If you want delivery outside these zones, please contact us. The delivery time from measuring to mounting is 2 weeks for most of the worktops, and 4-8 weeks for Colonial White & Coral Clay.

Finland: 300 km from Helsinki


Zone 1: 0-60km from Stockholm

Zone 2: 61-150km from Stockholm

Zone 3: 151-250km from Stockholm

Zone 4: 0-50km from Malmö

Zone 5: 51-150km from Malmö and 0-50km from Helsingborg

Zone 6: 151-230km from Malmö, 51-100km from Helsingborg, 0-50km from Göteborg


Zones (from Herlev Hovedgade 201A)

Zone 1: 0-15 km

Zone 2: 15-50 km

Zone 3: 51-100 km

Zone 4: 101-200km CPH (Fyn, Kolding)

Zone 5: 201-400km CPH (Aalborg, Århus)


Zone 1: From Oslo 0-60km

Zone 2: From Oslo 61-150km

Zone 3: From Oslo 151-250km

How do I choose the best material for me?
If you’re a passionate home chef, ceramic is the most durable choice, as it is perfect for areas which are regularly affected by food spills and splashes. Quartz is also a good choice for kitchens, as it’s not affected by acid foods and is rather scratch-resistant too. Granite and quartzite are both natural stones, which means that they are sturdy but porous materials, and need occasional maintenance. They would work well for kitchen islands or sideboards, where there are fewer splashes. Marble is the softest stone material, so any oily, acidic or colorful foods may leave permanent marks. If you embrace the patina as a design feature rather than annoyance, marble will be a stunning choice for your home.

Worktop care instructions
We recommend always using potholders and protecting the worktops from drastic temperature changes, even though granite and ceramic have good heat resistance. The daily cleaning can be done with a mild, ph-neutral dish detergent and warm water. Read more detailed advice for different materials here.